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IQAir HealthPro replacement filters
Free delivery anywhere in Hong Kong and Macau
Free HK Delivery
IQAir HealthPro replacement filters
100% Australian Owned Embee

Common questions

About Embee
About Embee

Where is Embee located?

Embee is based in Hong Kong with offices in Central and a warehouse in Kwai Chung.

You can view our full corporate information on our about us page.

Do you have a store in Hong Kong that I can buy from?

To keep prices as low as possible, we don't operate retail stores.

If you don't feel comfortable purchasing online and wish to pick up filters in person, please contact us here and we can make an appointment for collection at our main office at Central.

Filter Quality
Filter Quality

I've seen cheaper other brand IQAir replacement filters online in Hong Kong. Why should I buy Embee filters?

Embee filters meet or exceed the original filter performance. Aside from a lack of the proper certifications, cheaper alternative filters suffer from two key problems:

1) The amount of filter media used is less than IQAir/Embee filters.

2) The quality of the filter media and the frame construction is poor.

Aside from poor filtration, this results in more air resistance and the filter becoming clogged much sooner. The machine cannot detect this and will still report that the filter is working correctly.

How can I be certain of filter quality?

All Embee filters match or exceed IQAir filter performance for both efficiency and dust holding capacity.

We started Embee with the goal of producing world class air purification filters at an affordable price. Our filters are manufactured in clean-room facilities utilizing leading edge technology and are individually tested after production.

In addition, we utilize third party facilities to ensure thorough compliance with international standards. Our HEPAProtect filter for example, has been independently certified in government laboratories to comform to the most stringent European Union regulations for high efficiency filters (EN1822), exceeding the filtration efficiency of IQAir's HEPA filter.

You may learn more about our committment to quality here.

We use our own filters at home to protect our families and trust you will too.

Why are Embee filters less expensive than alternatives?

Our filters cost less because we are a direct to consumer company. We don't have any distributors, trading companies, sales people, or other intermediaries. And because we sell online, we also avoid paying Hong Kong's inflated retail rents.

Why are your filter frames made from aluminium? My original filters are polystyrene.

IQAir filters are typically made from polystyrene. Polystyrene is a very environmentally unfriendly material (see Wikipedia). Our filters are framed in recyclable aluminium. Aluminium is the industry standard for HEPA/ULPA filters and is used world-wide in applications from hospital operating rooms to Class 1 clean rooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing and bio-safety laboratories, where cleanliness requirements are incredibly important.

See here for information on aluminium recycling in Hong Kong.

Which Filter
Which Filter

Which filter do I need for my IQAir® machine?

Embee produces a full range of IQAir® replacement filters.

Check here to find out which filter you need.

My IQAir® purifier is a New Edition - Are the filters the same?,

Yes. The new edition IQAir filters are the same as the original model.

Do you supply filters for other brands of air purifier?

At this time we only supply IQAir replacement filters.

Replacing filters
Replacing filters

How do I change my IQAir filters?

You'll find detailed instructions on our how to change your IQAir filters page.

How do I dispose of my old filters?

Embee's pre filters and H14 HEPA filter are framed in recyclable aluminium. Please see here for information on aluminium recycling in Hong Kong. For other jurisdictions, please refer to the relevant local facilities.

The filters contain no harmful substances, and in the absence of suitable recycling facilities, may be safely disposed of in the regular trash after use.

*Please note that these guidelines assume that the filter has been used in a typical household setting. If the filter has been used to filter regulated substances in an industrial setting, then the appropriate local disposal regulations pertaining to those substances should be followed.


Where does Embee deliver?

We are a Hong Kong based company and currently deliver everywhere in Hong Kong and Macau, including outlying islands.

Do you deliver in Mainland China?

Yes, we are able to deliver to Mainland China, but the checkout process is currently only setup for Hong Kong and Macau so please contact us for details.

Do you deliver internationally?

We may also be able to deliver to your country, but the checkout process is currently only setup for Hong Kong and Macau so please contact us for details.

What is the delivery cost?

Delivery is 100% free anywhere in Hong Kong and Macau (including outlying islands).

When and how will my filters be delivered?

Please see our delivery information page for detailed information regarding shipping and delivery.

Security & Privacy
Security & Privacy

How am I protected when buying on your site?

Our site is powered by Shopify and all of your purchases take place on the Shopify platform. Shopify process HK$300 billion in sales every year for over 800,000 businesses in 175 countries and have been in business for more than 10 years.

Shopify has been certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service provider, the highest level of compliance available. All transactions are securely encrypted and are certified PCI compliant by Visa and MasterCard.

Your credit card information (if any) is used to process your payment and is then deleted. It is not retained.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. You may view our privacy policy here.