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IQAir HealthPro replacement filters
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IQAir HealthPro replacement filters
100% Australian Owned Embee

Quality Assurance

At Embee we take our commitment to healthy air very seriously. All of our filters are individually tested and have been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest international standards.

All Embee filters match or exceed IQAir filter performance for both efficiency and dust holding capacity. Embee's HyperHEPA® replacement has significantly higher efficiency as can be seen below.

Some highlights from our focus on quality include:

  • Materials

    Our particle filter media is manufactured by Hollingsworth & Vose, an FSC® certified, 250 year old American company and one of the largest filtration media manufacturers in the world, with over 70 years experience manufacturing high performance filtration media.

    All glues used in our gas filtration media are rated by the US FDA for use in food packaging that comes into contact with food.

  • Production facilities

    Embee filters are manufactured in world-class facilities from the best available materials, and are produced on the same production lines used to produce filters for hospital operating theaters, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing plants, and passenger airliners.

  • Testing

    Every filter is individually leak tested and inspected, and HEPA and ULPA filters are class certified by independent testing laboratories.

    Our HEPAProtect filter is tested and certified H14 under the EN1822 standard: The same level required in European class 2 biological safety cabinets to protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses1
  • The HEPA standard only looks at the efficiency of stopping 0.3μm sized particles.
  • The EN1822 standard looks at the efficiency of stopping all particle sizes, including health-damaging ultra fine particles smaller than 0.3μm.
Sources: Taiwan Textiles Research Institute, Embee, IQAir®

1 EN12469

# The EN1822 standard test first determines the particle size that "gets through" the filter easiest, and then measures the efficiency for that particle size (i.e. the worst case).