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Hospital-grade filters for the IQAir HealthPro
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Hospital-grade filters for the IQAir HealthPro
100% Australian Owned Embee

IQAir® HealthPro® 250 (HealthPro® / HealthPro® Plus)* Replacement Filters

Only show filters for: 

HEPAProtect™ H14 HEPA filter

Compatible replacement for:

IQAir® HyperHEPA®*

IQAir® HyperHEPA®* compatible replacement filter. Embee's HEPAProtect filter protects your family from dangerous ultra fine particles from traffic pollution, smoke,...


GasProtect™ filter

Compatible replacement for:

IQAir® V5-Cell™*

IQAir® V5-Cell™* compatible replacement filter. With a balanced combination of activated carbon and alumina, Embee's GasProtect™ filter is effective at...

Sold Out

PreProtect™ F8 Pre-filter

Compatible replacement for:

IQAir® PreMax™*

IQAir® PreMax™* compatible replacement filter. Embee's first-stage PreProtect™ filter removes coarse particles such as dust, pollen, pet allergens, and hair...