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Medical-grade filters for the IQAir HealthPro
Free delivery anywhere in Hong Kong and Macau
Free HK Delivery
Medical-grade filters for the IQAir HealthPro

Latest Embee News & Articles

Worst air quality on Hong Kong island in more than two years

PM2.5 pollution on Hong Hong Kong Island rose to it's highest level in more than two years on Friday, as winds disappeared, allowing locally generated pollution to build up to toxic levels. Hong Kong's lax marine/vehicle regulations - including operation of coal-fired power stations right next to population centers - leads to substantial local pollution generation. Despite this, the city benefits from its geography and for much of the year, offshore winds from the south and east help mask the...

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Embee HEPAProtect™ IQAir® replacement filter exceeds HEPA requirements

Embee is very pleased to announce that independent government laboratory tests have confirmed that the filtration performance of our HEPAProtect filter for IQAir HealthPro* purifiers vastly exceeds requirements under the HEPA standard and also outperforms the efficiency of the IQAir HyperHEPA* filter. The tests were conducted by an independent goverment laboratory inline with the accepted global standard for HEPA and ULPA filters in critical applications  - The European EN1822 standard. Key results for Embee's HEPAProtect filter Exceeds HEPA standard efficiency...

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Embee filters for IQAir® begins free shipping in HK and Macau

Embee is now offering free shipping on our IQAir® Healthpro®* filters anywhere in Hong Kong and Macau. Residents living in outlying islands have long been penalized when it comes to delivery of online purchases. At Embee we believe in providing healthy air for all and whether you live in Central or Cheung Chau, you won't be charged for delivery. This offer is valid whether you order one filter or ten, so head over to our products page and order your filters...

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Embee filters for IQAir®* launches in Hong Kong

Embee is pleased to announce our launch in Hong Kong, providing world-class affordable replacement filters for Hong Kong residents with IQAir® air purifiers. About us Embee was started by a group of Hong Kong based Australian expatriates that wanted to provide the healthiest possible living environment for their families, while reducing the expensive operating costs of high-quality air purifiers. Our filters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original manufacturers' models. The filters are designed in...

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