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IQAir HealthPro replacement filters
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IQAir HealthPro replacement filters

PreProtect PLUS™ AC F8 Pre-filter with Gas Protection

IQAir PreMax MG compatible PreProtect PLUS filter
100% Compatible Replacement for:

IQAir® PreMax™ MG*

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Suitable for use with 2-filter IQAir HealthPro machines*

IQAir® PreMax™ MG compatible replacement filter.

Embee's first-stage PreProtect PLUS™ filter removes coarse particles such as dust, pollen, pet allergens, and hair from the air as it enters the IQAir purifier.

The filter also includes broad-spectrum activated carbon and alumina molecular filtration media, effective at reducing hundreds of gaseous pollutants including VOCs, ozone, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, traffic, paint, and cooking fumes as well as odors.

Core features:
  • Framed in high-quality, recyclable anodized aluminum (not plastic/polystyrene) to reduce potential off-gassing and damaging environmental waste.
  • European Union standard EN779 class F8 certified filter media.
  • 1.0 kg of broad-spectrum activated carbon and alumina molecular filtration media.